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Akiko Hawkins

Disability & Aged Care Provider

About Me

I’ve been part of Perth’s wonderfully diverse community for 17 Years.  During this time, I’ve realised how important it is to maintain strong cultural connections to stay happy. People and cultural support continue to be essential for my wellbeing.  The support I’ve received over time has helped to shape me into the person I am today.

I’m Akiko Hawkins… Registered Nurse, Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer. I have first-hand experience in working in the health industry in Japan and Australia.  I’ve seen the difference and want to combine the two to offer my clients the best of both worlds.

Specialist Skills

Rapport see our clients as a whole picture and focus on quality of lifestyle, not just the mental & physical difficulty or disability.

We suggest and discuss a whole support plan for our client’s needs to make their life or their family’s life easier with our professional skills and networks.

We are happy to refer other provider/association and work together to make the best outcome for each client.

Point of Difference

I lead a team of bilingual health professionals to deliver culturally appropriate health care services to Perth residents.

My work is informed by my knowledge and experience of working in both the Japanese and Australian health industries,

and I would love to deliver Japanese quality care in Perth community.

Why Japanese quality care?

Japan is the fastest aging country in the world and the it employs one of the most advanced aged care training, service and skills and care management in the world.

We are confident to deliver reliable and high quality services for people who need it.

Personal interests

I am Head of the Okinawan Association in Perth with a keen interest in Okinawan traditional dance and drumming.

I love to explore WA’s wonderful natural environment, spending time at the beach or camping with family and friends.

I combine my love of heath and fitness with wellbeing activities such as pilates, fitness training and pole-dancing.



As soon as I saw the bento that arrived, I remembered the Japanese Makunouchi bento! I was surprised at how beautiful it was. It was the start in the midst of the spread of virus infections around the world, but I think it is a service that meets the needs very much…

Sumie Noguchi
Rating: 5


I asked for a lunch for the first time. There were many kinds of vegetables, and they were healthy and delicious.

Takeshi Tsuji
Rating: 5
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