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About Me

I am an experienced financial planner with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration degrees.

I specialise in wealth accumulation, investment portfolios and risk management for employed as well as business owners. The biggest compliment to my work is when my clients are achieving their life goals and financial objectives.

After working with hundreds of families from all walks of life, I understand this: the key to my clients’ financial success is a structured plan which starts from an analysis of their current financial position and ends with periodic reviews and corrective measures if and when circumstances change.

I am competent at communicating complex finance ideas and excellent at explaining that there are a handful of key things my clients need to focus on. Moreover, I possess a strong work ethic, working efficiently and effectively when delivering my service in a timely manner.

Specialist Skills

Quest Advisory Group is a privately owned financial planning firm based in Perth, founded on the premise of building long-term relationships to create lasting wealth for our clients. Importantly, we are not owned by banks or financial institutions, meaning we can consider all options from all investment providers and deliver the best advice to our clients, designed specifically for their needs. Combined with our deep insight and many years of experience, we offer a superior service and truly valuable advice.

Michael’s clients appreciate top-quality financial planning advice that is both comprehensive and cost effective and we work closely to help educate them while we achieve their goals. We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients to see them right through to retirement.

Personal Interests

I am a family guy with a wife and two beautiful children. I am an avid reader with hundreds of books read annually on subjects like philosophy, psychology,  finance, investments, fitness; sports and other non-fiction or pop-science. I also enjoy cooking and listening to music.


I’ve just walked away from a meeting with Michael and after reviewing my current situation and making some amendments, I was able to save thousands – We combined all my supers (saving lots of fees!!) and cancelled an insurance policy that was no longer needed.

Michael and the Quest team are very professional and friendly and take the time to understand your situation so they can help you reach your future & financial goals. I highly recommend Michael and the Quest team.

Rating: 5

My husband and I have always been a bit skeptical about financial planning following some bad advice in the past. And we’ve always thought we were pretty good at managing our wealth building and setting our lives up for retirement. Then we met Michael & Daniel from Quest. They have helped us structure our assets, manage our super and investment as well as setting up protections so we can retire when we want and in a comfortable way. These guys are genuine and truly work to set up your biggest asset (your future earnings) to work for you and ensure you reach your retirement and wealth goals. Highly recommend.

Rating: 5

My husband and I have had the pleasure to meet Michael for financial planning. He is so down to earth and easy to deal with. Michael sincerely cares about his clients. His service is always prompt and professional and he has so much patience explaining the products, pros and cons and supporting clients to make informed decisions with their best interest at heart rather than his personal gains. Highly recommended!!!

Rating: 5
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