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Top Tips for Writing Compelling Copy

The art of copy writing is crafting content that is suitable for your target audience in a format the reader can easily digest, a style they can relate to, using language they can understand.

It’s not about you!

While it can be tempting to write about your achievements, or focus on what makes your company stand out from the crowd, it’s not why the visitor is there…

Focus on the benefits your company offers. Write clearly and concisely about why using your products or services will make the reader’s lives easier, simpler, better.

Voice, tone and style

Talk to your visitors in a voice they can relate to, using reasoning and language they understand.

Identify common pain points from your customer base and focus on how you can resolve the issues.

Keep it short and concise – use sub-pages for more detailed information – make it searchable.

Choose a language and stick to it – American or British English not both.

How your copy is performing?

Understanding how long visitors stay on a page is valuable intelligence. Test using analytics and try different approaches discover what works for you.

  • Headlines – questions versus statements.
  • Short-form versus long-form copy – we have our own preferences, what does the reader prefer?
  • Language and/or word choice – choose commonly used terms, avoid jargon and over complicated language.
  • Points of view – choose whether to write in the first, second or third person and don’t mix it up.

Keep user intent front of mind

Does your content resonate with the reader and has it been optimised to assist search engines to find you?

Try looking through a different lens. Reverse it – put yourself in the reader shoes and ask questions about your copy. Questions to consider include:

  • Is it immediately obvious what your company sells or does?
  • Is your web copy benefit-driven… are those benefits clear?
  • Is prior industry knowledge assumed? Is this knowledge necessary to understand the content?
  • Can people at different stages of their purchasing journey quickly and easily access the information they need?
  • Are you hiding vital information behind a wall where people have to register to get the good stuff?

While it’s not good practice to give away all your secrets, being generous with information establishes you as an authority. People come back to trusted sources.

Take home message

One size does not fit all – an experienced copywriter, especially one with local knowledge can save you time and effort by getting it right the first time. If you’d like to know more, talk to Denise Lazenby, D’Scribe.

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